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Security Policy Statement

Bel' Aviation & Logistics security policy is a management commitment to set up a security program and the implementation of a security culture aimed at establishing aviation security as a core in its activities. This security policy is based on the following:

  • The protection of our partners against unlawful acts of intervention ;
  • The protection of Bel' Aviation & Logistics employees against unlawful acts of intervention;
  • Compliance with the standards and recommended practices relating to civil aviation security;
  • Providing staff and subcontractors with clear measures on the Bel' Aviation & Logistics security policy

Security at Bel' Aviation & Logistics is the business of all, the protection of our partners, employees and infrastructure or operations of Bel Aviation & Logistics as our first priority. The permanent upgrading of this security policy is ensured by training courses and awareness campaigns on civil aviation security. This policy is reviewed every 12 months to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate for handling the needs of our partners.

Bel Aviation & Logistics has put special emphasis on security and makes it as an operational priority to protect its partners, its personnel, as well as airport infrastructures.

Our main security objectives are to protect our partners against the acts of unlawful interference. For this reasons, the Bel' Aviation & Logistics Accountable Executive is committed to:

  • Put in place the necessary resources for the implementation of its security policy ;
  • Continuously improve our policy and security culture as follows:
    • Comply with Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations and security standards and recommended practices ;
    • Ensure adequate training for staff;
    • Promote security awareness and the establishment of a security culture ;
    • Set objectives and safety performance indices ;
    • Establish a reliable and efficient communication process ;
    • Establish a risk management system and human factor ;
    • Conduct a periodic review of our security policy to ensure the effectiveness of our security management system.
The Accountable Manager
Batéla Franck Edouard

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Security Policy Statement
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